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Our Work

With all of our projects, we begin with your first-party data. This can include things like your lit and dark fiber routes, carrier on-net building lists, customer and CRM lists, and marketing automation data.

We then enrich and connect your data by augmenting it with firmographic and geospatial data through third-party data providers.  For example, if you have a target list of businesses, we can tell you more about the building and its tenants.

The results are actionable intelligence that help you prioritize.  Our projects include market intelligence, on fiber and near fiber company scoring, building scoring, predictive lead scoring, prospect list creation and personal contact information enrichment, and rich data visualization and reporting


Route Comparison

For services where fiber route proximity is important such as connectivity and new building light ups. We begin with your fiber route data. We identify and score opportunities along your route and deliver this data in actionable forms that include spreadsheets ready for Salesforce import and rich interactive mapping.


Market Level Intelligence

Every building.  There is a finite amount of office and commercial buildings in your market.  We help you to identify and score them all.  For Data Center and Managed Services providers building level intelligence is critical for identifying and crafting strong business proposals that factor in key attributes of the deal like  carriers installed in the building, building footprint, number of floors, office space and proximity to slice points and friendly fiber.


Building Level Intelligence

Deep examination at the building level to expose rich firmographics of all building tenants. The starting point can be the building address, the business address of a single tenant, or a fiber route.

We're Focused on the Bandwidth Infrastructure Industry

Our software and talent is focused on serving the Network Industry and Data Center & Managed Services Providers. Contact us to learn how we can help leverage your market data.


Prediction & Scoring

We use leading API data sources to build and enrich your marketing data.  With enriched data, Flight Deck helps you score it through machine learning engines.  The output is actionable data that narrows your sales and marketing funnel.


Batch Salesforce API Purchasing

At approximately $120 per user per month for 300 use it or lose it contact purchases, sales and marketing departments make significant investments in Salesforce  Yet it is very common at month’s end to see under-utilization of the service.
Flight Deck  helps you realize the full value of your invest through month end programmatic purchases.


Big Data Augmentation

We use leading firmographics APIs to enhance business intelligence at scale.

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