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Communications Infrastructure Intelligence

Capture more value by identifying opportunities across your footprint.  With industry broadband consolidation and the ongoing cloud migration driving increased bandwidth consumption, it’s more important than ever for broadband providers to identify and measure all businesses opportunities available along their network.
Flight Deck works with  communications infrastructure providers to identify every building and every business in their market.
We blend client carrier data, such as fiber routes, drops,  and lit building lists with third party data sources that include building geospatial data and business firmographic intelligence.  The results are a rich and custom view of marketing opportunities along your network.
What’s more, Flight Deck makes use of machine learning to predict and score building and business opportunities. This provides actionable starting points to give your sales and marketing teams much needed lead prioritization.
The below demonstration walks through some of our service methodology and capabilities.  Please explore and contact Flight Deck today to start a conversation.

We start with your data.   This can include fiber routes or lit building lists. Additional information such as fiber splices and drops can also be ingested. In this example, it is two competing proposed route expansions under evaluation.

Using a geospatial resource we next retrieve all business buildings along the route and in the surrounding area.  The building data includes its location and footprint along square footage and number of floors.  Finally, the building’s distance to fiber route and available fiber drops and splices is measured.

All businesses inside the building are next retrieved from a firmographic resource.  Important firmographic details such as location sales revenue and employee size help identify businesses that fit targeting profiles.   An important final step is the scoring of businesses and buildings through machine learning.

This methodology demonstrates how blending a carrier’s fiber and lit building data with geospatial and firmographic resources produces deep granular insights into market opportunities along a carrier’s network footprint.

With machine learning, opportunities can be profiled and classified.  This produces insights that include building and new customer acquisition prioritization.

The Triangle - A Demo Comparing Proposed Durham Fiber Ring Loops

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